My name is Gene “Geno” Jenkins and I ride an 11 foot Double Eagle I had custom made in 2007. The bottom and rails are as new as the day I bought it for it’s had one of my Topless Board Bag UV Covers on it since new. Our main market are Surfers & SUP Surfers that ride boards 8 feet and longer. SUP riders love our MADE IN SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA product.

What does our Topless Board Bag UV Cover solve?

  • Keeps SUP boards from over heating; 20 degrees cooler when using Topless Board Bags verses Traditional Travel Bag
  • Not cumbersome or bulky
  • NO more board bag hassles
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • Simple UV shade TO AND FROM THE BEACH
  • Keeps boards from fading
  • Keeps boards looking NEW
  • NO more boards getting stuck from melted wax inside traditional board bags
  • NO more wax build up inside travel bags when our cover is used on wax side of boards, then put in travel bag
  • NO more wind noise from board bag straps flapping on top of vehicle
  • NO wax on vehicles upholstery when sliding in uncovered boards
  • Conforms to any board shape due to 4-way Spandex stretch material
  • Easiest UV cover for TO AND FROM THE BEACH protection

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