Key Features

The Patent Pending Topless Board Bag was invented for Surfers and SUP Surfers who do NOT like the hassles of traditional board bags. 

61% of the surfers we presented the Topless Board Bag to in 2011 purchased one.

We sold over 500 Topless Board Bags at Tourmaline Surf Park, San Diego, California.

The Topless Board Bag is the easiest UV Board Cover for your investment.

Aerodynamic: No Bag Straps Flapping in the Wind

Topless Board Bag slips on in 10 seconds. 

The fit is always super custom and looks cool.

  • Topless UV Board Bags keep Surfboards and SUP boards over 20 degrees cooler than traditional day bags and compared to boards exposed to the sun.
  • Topless UV Board Bags are made  of a 4~way Spandex material that conforms to any board shape in it’s category.
  • They stretch up to 2 feet.
  • For Distributors, it keeps inventory low.
  • Only 3 to 4 sizes are needed so they free up valuable storage space.
  • Topless UV Board Bags weigh only one pound which means they are inexpensive to ship.
  • They fit in your backpack easily.
  • They are the solution for Surfers and SUP Surfers seeking easy UV protection for their investment.

Aerodynamic, thus no wind noise when strapped to top of a vehicle!

Keeps SUP Boards Over 20 Degrees COOLER Than Traditional Travel Bags

Surfers use Topless Board Bag as a  pre~sleeve on wax side of board, then slide board in travel bag;  no more wax transfer inside travel bag!


Surfers Choice:   Sky Blue Sheen or Silver Sheen!  

Game Changer!  The surf industry hasn’t seen a major accessory like this since the leash was invented by O’Neill in 1972!


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